iHome IDM12 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

I’ve been wanting to get a portable speaker for my ipad, and droid tablet for some time. The built in sound on tablets is fine, but if you are working in an office, it’s always nice to have the ability to turn up the volume a bit more then possible with the built in speakers.

The iHome IDM12 portable speaker works on bluetooth technology and connects quickly and easily. The sound can be adjusted from the unit itself and the quality is superb. The sound is very rich and deep for such a small speaker.

Since it’s bluetooth, the signal can penetrate walls allowing you to carry the speaker with you around your home or office, leaving the actual tablet on your desk.

It’s internal battery lasts several hours ( I had it running at least 5 straight ) and charges using the included usb cable. As a bonus, ¬†you can also plug in an ipod using the aux jack located on the back. There is also a little kick stand on the back of the speaker and the cover for the speaker turns into a stand for your ipad.

Pretty cool unit and another quality product from iHome. Ranges in price from $50.00 – $70.00 from your favorite retailer.

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