A Closer Glimpse Into Delta Force Angel Falls

JC recently updated his linkedin profile and I see he has a brand new website for his 3d work. His old site was gone several months ago.

*For those of you who don’t know who JC is, he is the gentleman giving thumbs up in the Novagang picture that was posted in the DFAF forum.*

His new site is running on wix, a free site builder and one thing to note is that beside his name, in the copyright info near the bottom of the screen states, JAG Studios. This JAG Studios name also appears on his linkedin profile as being a company he works for from 2006 to present.
It seems this is his own personal company as many 3d artists do contract work and run their own business. With the addition of JAG Studios to his linkedin profile, linkedin now states his work with Novalogic ended in June of 2012. This may or may not be true…
Anyways, what I also found is that his job description for his work with Novalogic has been updated. This gives us a bit more of an idea of what Angel Falls is all about… (note that the web description says 2/10 – Present… so I am not sure if he is or isn’t with Novalogic anymore)

NovaLogic, Malibu,CA                        02/ 10 – Present

  • 3D Artist ~ Product: DELTA FORCE ANGEL FALLS Release date: TBA
  • Presently responsible for creating highfidelity art assets using next gen pipeline technologies.
  • Contributions to this product have been as follows:



  1. Introduced a host of work flow improvements for creatingplayable environment set pieces using a modular modeling system.
  2. Researched and implemented cloth and rigid bodysimulations used for vertex animation
  3. Update outsourced/old artwork to be re-purposed forproduction.
  4. Created diverse range of assets(weapons,environments,vehicles) This includes Polymodeling,Uving,Texturing,Collision, as well setting up points of articulation,and occlusion volumes.
  5. Softwares used (3ds Max,Zbrush,Hammer Head,Nile,SuperOed2,Photoshop,Simcloth,Havok)







Interesting…. Hammer Head… notice in JC’s work description it lists Hammer Head… apparently a  software of some sort… looks like Novalogic has used this for quite some time and a folder was found by this poster back in 2007 from nova-inside.com .

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Gen. Spooz
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Does anyone know what HammerHead is? Looks like a new update folder in the NW FTP server
My best find as to what this Hammer Head software is that is being used by Novalogic. I think this is the best bet.
Hammerhead A Web server stress tool that can simulate multiple connects and users http://hammerhead.sourceforge.net/

Hammerhead 2 – Web Testing Tool


Hammerhead 2 is a stress testing tool designed to test out your web server and web site. It can initiate multiple connections from IP aliases and simulated numerous (256+) users at any given time. The rate at which Hammerhead 2 attempts to pound your site is fully configurable, there are numerous other options for trying to create problems with a web site (so you can fix them).


Hammerhead has been used with Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD.

Don’t forget this tweet from Novalogic…

Angle Falls Alpha update! We are currently working on a protocol for stress testing. We will be sure to keep all of you posted.

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