5 WordPress Plug-ins You Should Use For Your Website


5 WordPress Plug-ins You Should Use  For Your Website

  1. Social Share Toolbar – There are dozens of these and most work quite well. This should be on your website or blog so your visitors and users can easily distribute your site/content to their social network. Facebook, Twitter, and Google + should be the main features to look for in a social toolbar plug-in because they are used by a large percentage of people.
  2. Contact Form – Again, there are dozens of contact forms and some can be customized easily. A contact form will allow a user to enter info, questions and their contact info into the fields specified and when they submit the form it will go directly to your email.
  3. XML Sitemap – This plug-in allows google and yahoo/bing to be notified about your sites pages and posts. These services will be able to index your website and any additional changes, updates, or additions to your site/blog will be updated in the sitemap. This happens automatically but you can also update it manually. With this plug-in your website will be able to appear on these search engines with the chance of you receiving more traffic.
  4. Google Analytics – If you wish to track traffic to your website this is the plug-in for you. It’s very detailed and there are many features to it. You can see what keywords people are using, you can see what city, states, and countries your traffic is coming from and so much more.
  5. All in One Seo – This plug-in allows you to setup your sites home page, posts, and static pages with title meta data, description, and keywords allowing you to fine tune each part of your website so that search engines can find your site and make it relevant for people looking for content such as yours.

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