Novalogic Joint Ops: Angel Falls

As we discussed the latest screen shot a while back, the one nova posted back in June with it’s Thank You Message we learned that screen was hosted on flickr.

After some investigating by me and a few others we tracked by to the account on flickr that hosted the picture, of course the account being private.
But look at what is being revealed before our eyes…
Joint Ops Angel Falls
Now, a quick search also finds a GOOGLE + Social Brand Page titled this and created on April 26th:
Here is the intro on this page,  ”Welcome to the official NovaLogic Inc. Joint Ops: Angel Falls page. Joint Operations is a registered trademark of Novalogic Inc.”
Title of Page: Joint Ops: Angel Falls .
This page is indeed separate from the Novalogic GOOGLE + page here:
(also note they finally uploaded the screen shot on google + after I tweeted them to post it there and not JUST ON FACEBOOK.) Here is a cut and paste of a recent status message from tonight after Nova posted the screen shot.


8:25 PM  -  Public

So what are we learning…. either someone in marketing has their titles confused……. or perhaps Novalogic has to change tracks with recent court suits because of the Delta Force trademark and is now making ..
Please keep in mind I have been told to expect NO CLASSES but gameplay similar to that OF JOINT OPS with BETTER GRAPHICS… ENGINE NAME HAMMERHEAD!
Don’t forget Mr. Garcia himself and others refer to this as the ANGEL FALLS PROJECT… with Delta Force missing… … law suits run amuck?

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