Unreal! or Not.. Novalogic?


Unreal! or Not…

Keeping pace with Novalogic is quite easy as they hardly ever post any public updates for the community. A few years back some in the community figured Novalogic would step aside from their own in house game engine and make an investment to license the Unreal engine.

As time went on the back and forth discussions in the community played out with a few still believing that Novalogic had to be developing it’s own engine from the ground up. This belief was actually fueled by Novalogic themselves finally revealing in 2008 that Delta Force Angel Falls was being developed on an entirely new engine.

My questions to staff and developers at Novalogic mostly went unanswered but a couple of times when they did respond to my questions regarding Angel Falls, they stated that the game was  going to run on their in house engine. I can only imagine the struggle to produce a brand new game engine from the ground up as apparently Novalogic has been doing since at least 2007.

Recently someone posted on a community site that Novalogic was using the latest Unreal engine with a twist. Nothing else was said about it, but if it’s true then perhaps Novalogic had many issues with the development of their own engine. Take all this info for what it’s worth, we really won’t know what is going on until we see the game, updated screens, and a trailer video.

An important thing to keep in mind is that Novalogic has always used it’s own proprietary game engine for PC releases. Time will tell.

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