What Can You Remote Control

www.lockergnome.com – When someone mentions remote controls, the image that may pop into your head is that of a single device with a bunch of buttons on it that controls your TV, VCR, DVD Player, Blu-Ray, or even your set top box. But, as more people are plugging full-fledged PCs into their living room televisions, the need for more advanced controls is clear. In many cases, users rely on a wireless keyboard and mouse to interact with a multimedia PC. This allows them the freedom to browse the Web, check email, and control the various media playback functions of the system. But, did you know that there are handheld remote controls that come complete with a keyboard and mouse built right in? You can watch the entire live TLDR episode here: youtu.be www.gnomies.com http profiles.google.com twitter.com www.facebook.com

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