Google+ Circle Tips – Google+ has changed the way Google services mix and interact in a big way. With the upcoming change to Google’s privacy policy essentially combining every Google service under one umbrella of terms, it’s clear that Google’s long-term intentions are to intermix various services as much as possible. One side effect of this integration can be found on Google Talk. My Google Talk account is a central hub for my daily businesscommunications, allowing me to keep in touch with other members of a team as we coordinate our daily tasks. Sadly, my Adium buddy list took a dramatic turn when Google combined Google+ circles with your Google Talk buddy list. What was a group of twelve individuals quickly turned in to a mass of hundreds, many of whom I circled because of recommendations other people on Google+ had given. But there an easy way to split your Google+ and Google Talk friends list. You can watch the entire live TLDR episode here: http

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