Google+ for Business – In the summer of 2011, Google launched its latest attempt at social networking, following the failures of Google Buzz, Google Wave, Orkut, and Jaiku — just to name a few. While Google+ has picked up a few million users, brands have been hesitant to adopt profiles on the social network as popular interest in Google+ is still lacking. To add to this hesitation, some super-savvy brands initially created profiles when Google+ first launched, only to be kicked off the network as Google told these brands — including the likes of Ford and news outlets such as Mashable — that it was intended for people only. Ford, however, was invited to test the development of brand pages, which officially launched in November, 2011. The result? A profile that looks and functions almost identical to profiles that people use, with the exception that brand pages are verified and identified with a square. Scott Monty, Head of social media at Ford Motor Company, explains why Ford decided to integrate Google+ into their social media strategy, and why other brands should consider doing the same. You can watch the entire live TLDR episode here: http

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