An IOS Game That Could’ve Been Great

An IOS Game That Could’ve Been Great

Back in late summer of 2010 Novalogic updated their website with a graphic of an iphone and a comanche silhouette on it. Novalogic is a publisher of video games and has the popular Delta Force franchise.

Apparently a game was being worked on that would be released for IOS. The comanche game for IOS would most likely have a similar game play style to that of it’s bigger brother which had a few versions released on the PC back in the late 90′s.

I dug up some information on this upcoming IOS comanche title after several months of absolutely no news. I found out that one of the largest IOS game developers had inked a deal with Novalogic for development of the game app.

Gameloft was the company that raised my eyebrows when I realized they were the ones working on the game. Gameloft is known for such IOS titles like NOVA, Brother in Arms, etc.

After digging further I then found something that threw me for a loop and continued my frustration with Novalogic. I found some screen shot samples from the development process of the IOS comanche game. The developers who had posted the screens in their portfolio mentioned that marketing decided to cancel development. Go figure.

Check out these unreleased screen shots from the development of Gameloft’s and Novalogic’s IOS game, comanche.

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