Alex Gilman – Novalogic’s Associate Producer.. No Longer

Alex Gilman – Novalogic’s Associate Producer.. No Longer

Yes, by now you realize I am a fan and community member of Novalogic and always find it interesting to see what is going on in Nova’s World… no pun intended. Since little is really known as to what is happening, it makes people like me dig around to find any grain of information I can.

Alex Gilman was Novalogic’s associate producer for several years until the fall of 2010 according to his profile over at LinkedIn. He is now writing content for Guest of A Guest. Alex’s job at Novalogic was Associate Producer, in charge of working with staff and developers by writing story boards, scenes, marketing materials, game manuals etc. One wonders whether or not he did most of his work for the development of Angel Falls, an unreleased Delta Force game by Novalogic.

In his time span of being at Novalogic, they only released 3 titles and of those 3 only one was new. Delta Force Xtreme 2 which was published in 2009. This was a budget title so I can wager that most of Alex’s time was spent on Angel Falls.

We shall see…

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